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Stem Activities

  • Chemical Energy

    70 minutes

    Campers Measure the amount of oxygen coming in and carbon dioxide going out of the body before and after activity.

  • Energy Theater

    75 Minutes

    Campers act out energy transformations and transfers as a unit of energy.

  • Solar Ovens

    90 Minutes

    Campers design and create an object that will use the energy from the sun to cook s’mores.

  • Food Energy

    70 Minutes

    Campers measure and compute the amount of calories a piece of food will provide for our bodies.

  • Coolers

    60 Minutes

    Campers will construct a cooler to limit a transfer of thermal energy.

  • Rube Goldberg Machine

    120 Minutes

    Campers built their own Rube Goldberg machine that would use energy or momentum transfers to ring a bell.



This camp was definitely worth the sacrifices our family made for my son to attend.
Camper Parent
We are grateful for how God is using the camp and all its workers to glorify His Name.
He has grown to where he teaches us how to defend our faith with the secular world.
Camper Parent
We had been praying for a camp such as CI for several years; one that taught science from a Biblical worldview.
Thank you for caring about a Christian influence in our daughter's STEM growth!
Camper Parent


Family Camp

Moms, dads, and kids of all ages love family camp. Parents get to learn all about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) during special demonstrations, helping them understand the field that has captivated the interest of their child. And kids of all ages get to learn more about STEM by doing daily hands-on activities and experiments including things like robotics, geocaching, straw towers, egg drop, and geodesic dome. And the activities change every year, bringing families back for more.

Junior Camp

We’ve recently wrapped up a very fun and successful junior camp for students in grades 3 through 6. Thirty-eight enthusiastic campers from ten different states all gathered in Northern Kentucky to learn about STEM and God’s Word. We had a great week with these young campers and were thrilled to be able to help grow their love of science and deepen their understanding of God’s Word.

Teen Day Camp

Teen Day Camp is a week of fun, fellowship, and learning. Campers participated in a host of hands-on STEM activities and more during our recent Teen Day Camp at the Creation Museum. It’s been a busy summer at Camp Infinity as we welcome new and returning campers each week for a different camp—it’s certainly keeping us on our toes! Well, we recently completed our Teen Day Camp at the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky. It was an exciting week of fun, fellowship, and learning.

Teen Overnight Camp

We live in a day and age when God’s Word is constantly being questioned, ridiculed, and mocked. Young people, especially those who attend public school or who plan on attending a secular, or even a Christian, university, will find that their faith is constantly being called into question and God’s Word is not giving the respect it deserves. Sadly, an atheistic and naturalistic worldview is the dominant worldview in academia and the media.