Cincinnati Museum Center Reopens for 2019 

The Creation Museum and Ark Encounter aren’t the only Northern Kentucky attractions to get upgrades. In previous years, Ci has taken campers to the Cincinnati Museum Center, a massive museum located in a beautiful old train station, Union Terminal, in Cincinnati. But in 2016 they closed for renovations, so we have been taking campers to the museum at Big Bone Lick State Park instead.


These museum tours serve as part of our competing worldviews teaching. We highlight how the same evidence is presented at both the Creation Museum and a secular science museum but two completely different interpretations are reached because of two very different worldviews.


The Cincinnati Museum Center has now reopened so Ci 6.0 campers will be touring that facility this summer. Here are some of the new upgrades they can expect to see during their time there:


  • Science Interactives Gallery. This gallery gets hands-on with science. Play giant tug-of-war, hoist a pulley to get yourself 11 feet into the air, create your own clouds, and knock down targets with air cannons as you learn about physics through the integration of STEM. 
  • New Dino Hall. You’ll see rare dinosaurs not found in other museums around the world, including Torvosaurus and Galeamopus. An interactive globe supposedly shows how continents have shifted over the past 600 million years and another exhibit highlights the alleged similarities between birds and dinosaurs. This exhibit will certainly spark great discussion with our campers!
  • Volcanos: Fires of Creation. A new OMNIMAX Theater program is now showing at the Cincinnati Museum Center. You’ll venture into the crater of a volcano, close enough to feel the heat of the magma. Did these volcanos help shape our world? This show will highlight the vast differences in worldview and interpretation between those who start with the Bible and those who don’t.

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