Why Did We Choose The Human Body for Our Ci 6.0 Theme? 

For each summer camp we choose a theme to structure our activities around. Each theme must be relevant in terms of STEM and have a direct tie-in to apologetics (faith-defense), biblical worldview, and what’s happening in our culture and in science. We take something that has been grossly misrepresented in our culture through false or inaccurate scientific claims and look at it through the lens of Scripture.


Our 2019 theme for our sixth camp is the human body. With the increase in biological and machine interfaces, as well as a society that is becoming more willing to kill innocent babies for stem cell research, CRISPR gene editing research, and other research technologies, we wanted a theme that would allow us to touch on those topics from a biblical perspective, as well as give glory to God for what he has made and understand stewardship as it relates to our own bodies.


While we believe technology exists to help us fight against the immediate effects of the curse, we know technology will never provide a permanent answer to the curse. That answer is only found in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Yet our culture today worships science and technology as the savior of mankind from death. For example, a hospital near the Creation Museum airs a radio commercial with the tagline, “In science lives hope.” Science is seen as our only hope and the answer to our biggest problems. That perspective is an affront to the gospel.


We also believe nothing demonstrates the amazing creativity and even engineering mindset of our God then does the human creation. Being made in the image of God is one of the most profound, complex, and amazing parts of the entire creation. This doctrine has profound implications for science and how we should conduct our research (a field of science and philosophy known as bioethics) and we need a generation of researchers who understand the sanctity of human life. 


Spring 2019 Newsletter