What are Parents Saying About the Ci Investment?

Camp Infinity is an investment in the life, faith, and intellectual growth of your child. But it’s an investment worth making. But don’t take our word for it! Hear it from the parents of some of our campers from this past summer:

  • It’s worth every penny!
  • He said his faith is stronger than ever...that’s worth every dollar!
  • My only advice would be to tell parents to consider camp tuition an investment in their student. College will be a huge expense. Any exposure to technology in earlier years may help them to narrow down choices when it comes time to selecting a course of study for college.
  • And here’s some advice from Ci 4.0 parents on how to raise funds to send your budding scientist to Ci:
    • Start now—make business cards of things you are willing to do for money and hand them out around the neighborhood or at church.
    • Or put it in your Christmas card that your child (or any of you, if they are willing) could use some extra jobs to experience this mind growing, with God as the center, camp.
    • Or even take on a part time summer job.
  • Your camper could do paid chores for fellow church members or neighbors to earn money towards camp. Campers could also save birthday money to contribute to the cost.
  • Our son pulled thistles at $.50 a thistle to earn his way to Ci. It was great to see his determination as he worked hard in the hot summer sun because he really wanted to go to camp. And he said it was worth every thistle when he got back!
  • I teach Dave Ramsay's “Financial Peace” class so budgeting and planning far ahead is necessary for these kinds of things. I would say a monthly prepayment program started far in advance would be great.


September 2017 Newsletter