Whew - we made it!

It was a busy time of training counselors, registering kids, and running camp but we’re thrilled to say Ci 4.0, our fourth summer of STEM camps, was a huge success. This summer our 15 staff welcomed 145 enthusiastic campers for day, overnight, and family camps.

Here’s what some of their parents had to say about their camper’s experience:

  • I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to help our “nerdy and brilliant yet socially awkward” kid do what he loves best in an environment that challenges his faith!
  • We’ve heard nothing but raving reviews from our grandson. As a grandparent, I was smiling from ear to ear as he relayed all of the innovative and thought-provoking activities that he experienced during the week.
  • I think that as far as his grandfather and I are concerned, Camp Infinity is a unique opportunity that we want to offer to all of our grandchildren! Their parents have carried the torch with their excellent homeschooling efforts, and we see Camp Infinity as a resource to help them do so.
  • My son said “After hearing speaker Bryan talk, things made sense, I have no doubt in my faith now, no doubt about my Creator! My faith is stronger now than ever!”
  • Wow! Praise God for this amazing camp. I can’t even begin to describe the growth intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, and socially that my son had this past week. His first words to me by phone were, “Mom, can I please go back next year?!?” Ummm...YES!
  • The theme for Ci 4.0 was Space Exploration and our campers simulated sending an astronaut to Mars with STEM activities such as  building a water filtration system, designing the best space shuttle nose and wings, and designing an experiment to safely study bacteria in space. Some of our campers even got to “meet” a real astronaut—who’s a Christian and a biblical creationist— over the internet.
  • It was our first summer to include a trip to the new Ark Encounter attraction and that was a huge hit. Our campers loved seeing Noah’s Ark firsthand and panning for fossils beside the massive structure. And, as always, our campers enthusiastically worked together and built and programmed robots in teams. And that’s just a small sampling of what we did this summer!
  • As the director, it was thrilling to see the campers thoroughly enjoy the activities we’d planned but, more importantly, to see them equipped with answers to the skeptical questions of our day. That’s what Ci is really about—bringing science and technology together with truth.

September 2017 Newsletter