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Gear up for an unforgettable summer at Camp Infinity. This first-of-a-kind camp combines elite STEM education with creation apologetics training.

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Camps located in OH, KY & IN near Creation Museum.

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Camp Infinity is an unprecedented fusion of science + faith + youth camp.

At Camp Infinity, students experience interactive STEM education with a creation apologetics worldview.

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Elite STEM Education

Campers will learn about science, technology, engineering and math through interactive activities and instruction from renowned experts.

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Behind the Scenes at the Creation Museum

Campers will get exclusive access to Creation Museum highlights, including the Zip Lines, Stargazer’s Observatory, lunch with speakers and more.

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Creation Apologetics Training

Campers will learn how a creation apologetics worldview integrates with a love for science through engaging sessions and discussions.

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All-Inclusive Pricing

Our price includes more than traditional camps—special all museum admissions, outings, high-quality cinch-bag, camp T-shirt, snacks and more.

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Endorsements for Camp Infinity

Here’s why people are excited about Camp Infinity

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Here are just a few of the many testimonies we have received which describe why so many people are in love with Camp Infinity - the only camp that so effectively integrates biblical truth with STEM education. Testimonies from

Picture of Dr Raymond Damadian

I believe that evolution is a lie designed to weaken people's faith in the accuracy of the Bible. This is why I am so excited to tell you about an unprecedented opportunity for young people who are interested in science & technology. My friend Dan Wooster, has started a new organization called Camp Infinity. This is not just any camp, but one that teaches a biblical worldview of science and technology. Dr Raymond Damadian

Picture of Camper Mom

The support we have seen our kids receive through the staff at Camp Infinity is priceless. They have been a fantastic addition to our homeschool plan every summer. What a praise that this group exists. God answered so many prayers with this camp for our family in ways we never would've expected! Camper Mom

Picture of A Pastor

In a day that so often portrays science and faith as enemies, people need some way of seeing what friends true science and truth faith really are. What better way to achieve that goal than in a camp atmosphere devoted to science and technology connected to Biblical truth. Founded by a fervent believer actively involved in his local church, long-time computer science teacher, and successful entrepreneur with a heart for spreading the good news globally. Who but God knows the impact such a camp ministry could have on the rising generation? Suitably named—Camp Infinity. A Pastor

Picture of Home Educator

My first child, a girl, was very STEM interested, but was very upset at secular camps because she felt pressured not to talk about her beliefs were they didn't match what the camp was emphasizing. She actually would come home in tears. THEN WE FOUND CAMP INFINITY and everything changed for her!! To God be the glory!!! Home Educator

Picture of Camp Alumnus

What did you like about Camp Infinity? 1) I received a better understanding of what I believe 2) I met other people of similar beliefs/interests 3) I learned about the world through the lens of Scripture. 4) I had lots of fun Camp Alumnus

Picture of We Do Not Mind the Drive

While Ci is a full day’s drive for us, we enjoy researching places we can visit while we make our trek to camp. I also love knowing that while at Ci, my boys are going to learn and have a blast all from a biblical worldview. We Do Not Mind the Drive

Picture of Camp Family

If you’re looking for something to do together as a family that will create lasting memories and bring you closer to each other and the Lord, consider Family STEM Camp. You’ll do hands-on STEM activities right alongside your children, stoking their passion for discovery and exploration. And you’ll also get apologetics training, helping you build a more biblical worldview and equipping you to navigate your family through some of the challenges of our day. Camp Family