Experience exciting science.
Grow your faith.
Make lasting memories.

See how science and technology integrate with a biblical worldview, thanks to unique experiences and behind-the-scenes access to the Creation Museum’s facilities and scientists.

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Summer Teen Camps

Inquisitive students going into grades 7-12 love our Day Camps and Overnight Camps with our STEM & biblical apologetic activities! During these camps, campers will see how science & technology integrate with a creation apologetics worldview, preparing them to explain and defend their faith and succeed in their future STEM education and career. Now accepting applications. Select the camp you are intestested in. Click Learn More for details and pricing.

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Kids Camp

Curious children in grades 3-6 are introduced to STEM through hands-on activities from a biblical worldview. Now accepting applications. Click Learn More for details and pricing.

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Family Camp

Parents are equipped and children are engaged in STEM from a biblical worldview through mind-engaging activities. Now accepting applications. Select the camp you are intestested in. Click Learn More for details and pricing.

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Mobile Camps

These camps are designed to bring STEM & Apologetics to your group! Ci Robots & God Adventure is designed to challenge the mind and engage the heart on creation & theology of technology. We offer different robotics workshops based upon the experience level and age of your group.

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Mini Camps

These camps are designed for Christian schools, home school groups, and church youth groups. The Ci Mini Camp is designed to compliment the mission of Christian education by equipping students with solid Bible answers to today's attacks particularly in science. This is accomplished by providing in depth tours to two museums - The Creation Museum, which presents a biblical worldview, and a secular, which provides an evolutionary worldview. Students are challenged to see how both museums present the same evidence in astronomy, geology, biology, paleontology, yet come to very different conclusions because they have different starting points (worldviews). Ci provides lodging, meals, all museum admissions and a well intentioned curriculum to help students maximize what they can learn in 3 days.

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