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First Week of Ci is HIStory!

summary of July 2014 camp

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First Week of Ci is HIStory!

summary of July 2014 camp

A BIT of News from CiFirst Week of Ci is HIStory
I thought I would take advantage of the 25 hours of "rest" between week 1 & week 2 of Ci to give you a brief overview from our first week. God gave us a gang of geeks who love the Bible! They enjoyed every activity we had designed - STEM & apologetics. Each camper was highly-engaged, very inquisitive and articulate. They asked good questions of each of our 12 speakers. Staff at the Creation Museum mentioned to me they had not seen this level of intense learning and engagement from young people at the Museum. 

We had an amazing week of STEM & Apologetics activities last week here in northern KY about 35 minutes from the Creation Museum. With 24 eager and excited junior high campers & 15 amazingly-talented and dedicated staff, we saw God use the well-crafted hands on STEM activities and heart-engaging apologetics activities to challenge hearts & minds for Christ!

I asked the counselors to describe the campers, the camp and their experience in order to give you a summary overview of the 7 days of activities. 

The Campers

  • Enthusiastic
  • Eager to learn
  • Excited
  • Energetic
  • Curious
  • Eager to apply truth to life
  • Diligent
  • Intelligent 
  • Creative 

The Program

  • Engaging
  • Cornucopia of activities 
  • Challenging
  • Targeted mind and heart
  • Jam packed 
  • Unique
  • Unprecedented 
The Counselors
  • Expanded connections in my thinking
  • Deepened understanding of biblical apologetics 
  • Pushed me to apply what I learned
  • Developed patience
  • Stretching 
  • Life altering 

Here is a brief summary of the week's activities:Sunday

  • everyone arrived for the 5 PM welcome and iPad setup at Potter's Ranch
  • catered supper by Skyline Chili
  • Theology of Technology presentation by Dan Wooster
  • introduction to robotics
  • counselor / camper time
  • sleep science


  • exercise science as everyone got a great workout ascending the mountain to breakfast in the Lodge
  • breakfast at Potter's Ranch
  • Sword & Shield Time
  • Transportation Science - 35 minutes ride to Creation Museum
  • group photo
  • CSI Adventure at Creation Museum
  • Dr. Tommy Mitchell - Jurassic Prank Presentation
  • lunch and Q&A with Dr Tommy Mitchell
  • CSI Adventure at Creation Museum
  • Created Cosmos Planetarium Show
  • Supper at Creation Museum
  • Image of God Presentation by Steve Ham
  • robotics adventure & artemis


  • Sword & Shield
  • STEM activities at the Ranch
  • Telescopic View of Daniel 1-6 by Pastor Joe Tyrpak
  • robotics & artemis
  • digital chalk talk by Jon Taylor


  • Sword & Shield
  • Physics Zipline Adventure - pre-lab
  • Genetics Presentation by Dr. Georgia Purdom
  • lunch and Q&A with Dr. Purdom
  • Physics Zipline Adventure - we road the ziplines & measured our speed
  • Physics Zipline Adventure - post lab
  • Ken Ham - 7 C's
  • Barefoot Astronomer (Dr. Danny Faulkner) - Things That Go Bump in the Night
  • Star Gazing Adventure


  • slept in a little later today
  • Sword & Shield
  • Fossil Adventure at Big Bone Lick State Park (large collection of Mastodon fossils)
  • Geocaching Adventure & other STEM activities at Potter's Ranch
  • STEM Activity by Dr. Jeremy Ervin
  • robotics - final preparation for parent demos
  • digital chalk talk by Jon Taylor


  • Sword & Shield
  • pack-up to leave Potter's Ranch
  • group photo under the big welcome sign (ask the counselors about the STEM activity of raising the banner)
  • bus ride to Cincinnati Science Center
  • CSI Adventure at Cincinnati Science Center
  • Buddy Davis unveils Ci Theme Song at Creation Museum
  • CSI Adventure wrap up
  • Night at the Museum


  • parents arrive at Creation Museum
  • campers give CSI Adventure tour to parents
  • Last Adam
  • Robotics Demos & Awards Program
  • Q&A with Dr. Raymond Damadian, MRI inventor
  • Dr. Damadian's presentation
  • lots of hugs and photos and thank you's and goodbyes

Every camper expressed enthusiastic support to return next summer and bring friends for more Ci adventures!!

We also announced plans to have Ci 2015 during the month of July. We will offer additional programs as well as expand through 12th grade. We plan to have details on the website by September 1.

Thanks for praying. Thanks for all the encouraging words acknowledging how Ci is meeting a special need to equip your young people with solid Bible answers in science & technology!! To God be the glory, great things He is doing at Ci!!

Dan Wooster
Founder & Director
Camp Infinity
Where Science & Technology Meet Truth!

Here's a unique photo which summarizes the potential for the Lord in science & technology of this week's group of campers. 


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