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Ci 1.0 Investment Report

Eternal Results on Temporal Investments

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Ci 1.0 Investment Report

Eternal Results on Temporal Investments

Having made my livelihood working in business most of my life, I understand the importance of sharing reports like this to investors. An investor, by definition, is a person who allocates capital with the expectation of a financial return. While each of you fit the first part of this definition, you have allocated to Ci some of your financial capital, we would agree that the second part of the definition does not fit this context. Most folks would use the term "eternal investment" to distinguish. Therefore, this report, by God's amazing grace, will focus on the eternal returns we saw from the launch of Ci 1.0 this July. 

While measuring financial returns is relatively easy, assuming the data has been accurately tracked, measuring eternal returns is far different and more challenging. So when measuring the eternal returns on the investment you have made in Camp Infinity, we need to take into account:

  1. what was our mission?
  2. how can we measure the success of that mission?

Camp Infinity’s mission is to help students see how science and technology integrate with a creation apologetics worldview, preparing them to explain and defend their faith and succeed in their future STEM education and in their careers.

We designed a unique and unprecedented program designed to minister to each camper's head (STEM) and heart (apologetics/worldview). That is the easy part to report on. The program did precisely that.

God blessed the execution of the program we designed

  • The counselors were well-trained, a specific answer to the prayers of many. 
  • The staff did an excellent job of delivering the program to the campers with passion and a spirit of excellence.
  • The campers received the program as intended, based upon their enthusiastic response during the week as well as their written response to our online survey, which has had a 62% response rate.
  • The parents have acknowledged the exuberance that their young people are still talking about Ci 1.0 and they have seen evidence of Holy Spirit impact in their child's heart.

We acknowledge that our ability to accurately measure eternal results is limited. We are finite. God alone is Infinite. He alone knows the condition of a human heart. However, we can make assessments based upon responses we have received from those to whom we ministered. 


  • speaker sessions (10 speaker sessions surveyed) - 96% satisfied or very satisfied
  • activities (16 activities surveyed) - 90% satisfied or very satisfied
  • do you want to come back next summer?
    • yes - 90%
    • maybe - 10%
    • no - 0%
  • I had an incredibly amazing week at Ci. I had so much fun doing all the many activities we had all week long. I loved all the speakers and what they had to say.
  • It was lots of fun and showed me more how God's word is true.
  • I really enjoyed camp. It gave me a good picture of learning about my faith and defending it. Over all, I couldn't get enough of Camp Infinity. 
  • This fueled my passion for defending God's Word. There are so many people out there who need to hear the truth, and I feel better equipped to share the truth with them.


  • do you plan to send your child next summer?
    • yes - 70%
    • maybe - 30%
    • no - 0%
  • rate the value of your Ci investment in your child
    • 5 - 82%
    • 4 - 9%
    • 3 - 9%
  • Mom and Dad could not get over the tour he gave us through the Creation Museum on Saturday. He learned so much in one week we could not believe it! It brought tears to our eyes to see what kind of a foundation was laid in such a short time.
  • She had a great time at camp. She is using the knowledge that you have taught her. She gave a short presentation at church and has been witnessing to her uncle, a devout atheist. She has been able to refute his theories and he had to stop and think about one of the truths that she said to him. Great camp and you will see her next year.
  • We are still talking about Ci here at our house!  It has been an amazing blessing hearing Andrew talk more about his camp experience, what God is teaching him through the experience, and hearing how his prayers have changed since camp!  He praises God so much more for His greatness and goodness to us as he prays each night with us.  What a JOY to our hearts as parents!!


  • Grade Ci 1.0 regarding its overall effectiveness to fulfill the mission and purpose
    • A - 60%
    • B - 40%
  • Would you like to come back to Ci next summer?
    • Yes - 50%
    • No - 10%
    • Maybe - 40%
  • Ci was an amazing opportunity as a counselor. I learned so much in the STEM areas and apologetics, and a lot of the learning came from teaching the campers. Ci is truly a unique camp and pursues to draw people to the Lord.
  • Ci brought together the entire human being. It took the mind with a heart transfer to begin to interpret everything that is thrown at all of us. I enjoyed knowing that we could be a part of these kids' foundation as is Genesis my foundation. 
  • The overall experience of Ci strengthened my faith as I learned more about my Creator. It made me so excited to serve Him and want to tell others about who He is! 

Here are the specific prayer request we are sharing with others concerning Ci 2.0. We believe strongly that when others partner with us in prayer, they will be blessed as they see the Lord answer these requests for His glory!

  • Ci College: apologetics camp for college students (this was based upon the response from the counselors about the strong apologetics teaching they received from Answers in Genesis)
  • Ci Summer: 4 weeks of 50/week (we need to find the property the Lord would have us use)
  • Ci Mini: school camps this fall & spring (Christian schools and homeschool groups are requesting information about robotics workshops and 2/3 day versions of the camp we ran this summer)
  • Ci Mobile: college campus camps (several Christian colleges have expressed a desire for Ci to come run a week of camp on their campus next summer)
  • Scholarships: 130 @ $300 (this is based upon the data that 65% of Ci 1.0 families received a scholarship that enabled them to send their young person to Ci - the Ci 2.0 Scholarship Program will require students to complete various STEM & apologetics tasks designed to better prepare them for their Ci 2.0 experience)

Parent Thank You's to Scholarship Donors

  • In just one week, your gracious assistance helped expose our daughter to a fantastic spectrum of science that she otherwise might never have experienced. Words cannot express our heartfelt thanks to the Lord for your faithfulness to His truth.
  • There are not enough words to say thank you for the scholarship. We have watched our son's life change since his week at camp - He prays in a way we have never heard him pray before, thanking God for His creation, love, care for us, and His power and greatness. His week at camp changed how our son sees God. A thousand thank you's would never be enough. We are humbled by the generosity of the donors for this scholarship and rejoice with you that God clearly is working in our son's life as a result of his time at CI.  
  • I am a one parent household and the scholarship was instrumental in helping me to afford to take my son to camp. Sharing what God has given to you with us allowed my son to experience a life changing camp. Thank you so much for being obedient to God's call. Words can't express how grateful we are to God for the Camp Infinity opportunity. 

If the Lord would have you invest in a Ci 2.0 camper's life, you can donate securely using PayPal. Designate your donation to [email protected] which is registered with PayPal or use this secure donation link. If you would prefer to write a check, make it out to "Camp Infinity" and mail to 122 Montverde Drive, Greenville SC 29609. Your entire donation will be applied to help financially needy families send be able to attend Ci 2.0. Camp Infinity is a registered 501c3 with the IRS. 

Dan Wooster
Founder & Camp Director
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