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Ci Activity: Physics Zipline Adventure

Unforgettable & mentally engaging

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Ci Activity: Physics Zipline Adventure

Unforgettable & mentally engaging

Unforgettable and mentally engaging - words that describe our Physics Zipline Adventure which is one of our many STEM activities designed to challenge the mind and engage the heart this summer at our Ci 2.0 7-day experience.

The Physics Zipline Adventure was one of the most favored STEM activities of Camp Infinity. Here is a summary of the STEM that students experienced in this event:

  • build a clinometer

    • used a straw, string, metal washer and protractor to make

    •  enables the user to measure an angle from horizontal


  • measure the height of the towers

    • measure the distance from where you stand to the base of the object of which you want to measure the height

    • look through the straw portion of the clinometer at the position you of which you want to find the height

    • the washer will hang from the string over the number on the protractor that corresponds to the angle

    • using trigonometry you can calculate the height of the object if you know the angle and the distance you are standing from the object

    • why? – it helps calculate the length of the cable the camper will ride which is used to calculate his speed



  • determine how to calculate speed using a zipline simulator

    • used to help campers figure out how to calculate speed

    • gave opportunity to engineer and modify a carrier design

carrier basket basket on simulator

  • ride the zipline and measure speed

    • used a stopwatch to take the time measurements which were used with the distance of the cable to calculate the average speed


  • collect & analyze the data

    • afterward we did the math

    • used trigonometry to solve for length of cable the campers rode and divided by time from stopwatch

analyze analyzing

To experience this and many other unforgettable STEM activities, apply for our 7-Day STEM & Worldview camp this summer!

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