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3 Reasons to Give Experiences—Not Things—This Christmas

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3 Reasons to Give Experiences—Not Things—This Christmas

Do your kids have too much stuff? As we approach the Christmas season, and parents and grandparents start thinking about the gifts they want to get their children, many will realize it’s hard to choose a meaningful, lasting gift that won’t just get lost amongst all the other “stuff” in the house.

Well, here’s 3 reasons to give experiences, not things, this year:

1. Research from San Francisco State University found that people who spend money on experiences, rather than things, “were happier and felt the money was better spent.” Memories last longer than things!

2. Dr. Thomas Gilovich of Cornell University conducted a 20 year study and discovered, among other things, that “anticipation of an experience causes excitement and enjoyment, while anticipation of obtaining a possession causes impatience. Experiences are enjoyable from the very first moments of planning, all the way through to the memories you cherish forever.” The anticipation is half the fun of the experience!

3. Research has revealed some surprising things about how much stuff we own:

• The average American home has 300,000 items in it.

• 1 in 10 Americans rent a storage unit to store more stuff.

• The average 10-year-old owns 238 toys, but plays with just 12 each day.

• The typical American throws away 65 pounds of clothing each year.

We own a lot of stuff! Do our kids really need more stuff?

This idea of giving experiences, rather than things, is becoming increasingly popular with both kids and their parents. It builds anticipation and makes lasting memories without cluttering up the house. And we’ve got the perfect experience to give your academically-curious young person—a summer STEM camp experience like no other at Camp Infinity. Time spent at Ci is a memory your young person will cherish, and they will grow academically and spiritually while making these great memories. What a gift to find under the tree!

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