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Exciting New “Counselor in Training” Program Now at Camp Infinity

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Exciting New “Counselor in Training” Program Now at Camp Infinity

We’re excited to announce a new initiative from Camp Infinity designed for campers who’ve just graduated from high school, will be entering a STEM major in college, and are interested in becoming Ci summer counselors. This new program is CIT, “counselor in training.” CIT is designed to help young people who will be pursuing a STEM education and career become ideal STEM and apologetics counselors with Ci. While in the CIT program young people will grow in:

·      Leadership skills

·      Apologetics knowledge

·      Teaching experience

·      STEM knowledge and practical skills.

This is a great gap program between completing high school and starting college. Not only will young people be encouraged in their faith and love of STEM before they make the big transition to college life, but they will acquire the skills they need to pass their love and passion for God’s Word and his creation along to others.

CIT campers will join our summer counselors and teachers for our 11-day training camp (June 12–23, 2019). During this training camp, they will learn from Answers in Genesis’ scientists and researchers, preview this summer’s STEM activities, and discover what it takes to be a counselor with Ci. After training camp, they will then assist various members of the team during our first week of overnight camp (June 24–29, 2019).

This camp includes:

  • Approximately 30 hours of apologetics teaching

  • Ark Encounter admission

  • Artemis Adventure

  • Biblical apologetics activities

  • Creation Museum admission

  • Custom designed Ci t-shirt

  • High-quality Ci cinch bag

  • And room and board.

Here’s what one of the first graduates of our CIT program had to say about her experience:

Throughout the 2 ½ weeks I felt as though I gained valuable communication skills. The camaraderie and encouragement with the group was incredible, proving that a group from so many different backgrounds could have a common passion. The week of training, especially, improved my communication skills with my peers, and those in authority over me. I greatly enjoyed being able to cultivate relationships with people around my age who share some of my own interests.

I grew mentally and spiritually. The whole experience was challenging with the long hours and occasionally difficult campers. The group of counselors provided encouragement and laughs when it was needed. You’ll drag yourself into bed and sleep like a baby when you get home but be grateful for every second you spent with an amazing group of people doing what you all love.

Before coming to Camp Infinity, I was nervous and unsure of what college life would bring. After growing closer to several college students who love the Lord, I was at peace with whatever the Lord still has in store for me. My experience at Camp Infinity grew my love for the Lord, and patience to see what He has for me to learn.

To apply for CIT, begin by applying for Teen Overnight Week #1 (this separate registration is required to be in CIT camp) and then apply for CIT. Space is limited so be sure to apply early to avoid disappointment. Once our first week of overnight camp fills up, our CIT camp is full as well.

Tip: If CIT camp is cost prohibitive for you, we recommend that you request financial support from members of your local church. It is an encouragement to our campers to have the involvement and support of others, and it is an encouragement to many believers to see young people who want to study God’s creation for his glory. All of our counselors raise support to be able to work at our summer camps.

Cost: $700, including $70 deposit. Participants must also register for Week #1 of Teen Overnight Camp.



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