Camp Infinity Tuition Reduction Programs

Many people who explore our website are curious as to why Ci is a larger investment than the average church camp. We would like to clarify the value behind this investment. We believe in setting up a cost structure that covers the costs to do a STEM camp right. This includes:

  • making the best technology available
  • exposing the campers to experts in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math
  • well-trained counselors in STEM & biblical creation apologetics
  • very low camper:counselor ratio
  • exposing campers to information presented through excellent museums of both the biblical and secular world views
  • attracting highly skilled STEM educators

For families of limited financial means, this can make the investment of sending a student to Camp Infinity, cost prohibitive. Rather than lower the cost and sacrificing what it takes to provide a STEM camp excelling in quality, Ci has opted to seek donors who would like to help others invest in their academically gifted child.

We believe the best way to help a family afford the Ci experience is to provide their student with the opportunity to reduce tuition and increase anticipation for this unique intersection of STEM & apologetics. Therefore, we have designed the following Tuition Reduction Program.

Ways to reduce your tuition:

Name Description Amount Limit Deadline Next Step
Scholarships student earns $$ for preparing for the Ci experience varies $150 May 1 details
Financial Aid for students who could not attend Ci otherwise  varies $100 May 1 details
Early Bird Registration register by the deadline and reduce your student's tuition $$ * $$ * Jan 31 details
Multiple Sibling Discount $$ * / student for each additional sibling when more than 1 registers $$ * / student unlimited May 1 details
Referral Discount $$ */ each first time registered student to the same camp $$ * / student unlimited May 1 details
* amounts vary based on camp
Due to the mission of Camp Infinity, our application process is a bit different than most camps.
This allows us to ensure the best experience for everyone who attends.
Our process is outlined below:

Select which camp fits your budget & schedule. Explore Ci 5.0 schedule.

Fill out an application. There is no charge to apply.

If you are accepted, complete the registration and pay your deposit.

Pay your remaining balance by May 15. 
Use your Dashboard to make payments.


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