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And the Ci 4.0 Theme is ... [insert drumroll]

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And the Ci 4.0 Theme is ... [insert drumroll]

We’re excited to announce the theme for Ci 4.0. Every year we chose a new theme to structure our various STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) activities around. This theme has to meet four criterion:

  1. Involve all four areas of STEM to show how different fields come together to solve a common problem,
  2. Have a biblical apologetics focus,
  3. Be relevant to the 21st century,
  4. And have a broad interest.

We’ve been releasing teasers each day on our Facebook page, encouraging prospective Ci 4.0 campers to guess the theme. See if you can put the clues together and discover the theme:

  • When you study this science, you may well get sick.
  • You won’t need any technology to silence your snoring.
  • The mathematics of this science will mess up your circadian rhythm.
  • It will take some creative engineering to keep your lung’s elastic sacs that remove carbon dioxide from rupturing.
  • In this field of study, be careful what you push or you may never get it back.
  • If you study this science, your weight would increase 310 pounds.
  • When you work in this field of study, leave your straws at home. They don’t work at this office.
  • In this field of study your office desk organization owes everything to the Swiss engineer, George de Mestral.

And, now, the big reveal! The theme for Ci 4.0 is…space exploration! Using drones, robots, iPads, and more, we will be learning about the heavens, man’s attempt to explore and conquer it, and God’s incredible handiwork seen in the night sky.

We chose space exploration because it involves all areas in STEM, allowing us to show how we can apply science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to exploring and understanding the last frontier. Space exploration also has a broad interest because it involves so much more than just astronauts and telescopes! For example, an exciting part of space exploration, and a huge part of what we do here at Ci, is the use of robotics. Robots allow us to go places inaccessible to man without risking human life. They remind us of the unique value of mankind!

We also chose space exploration because it has a biblical apologetics focus and 21st century appeal. Space exploration is a hot topic and we need to have biblical answers for why we believe what we believe. We’ll discuss the possibility of extraterrestrials, how we can study the heavens for God’s glory, design in the universe, extrasolar planets, and our place in the vastness God has created. 

You won’t want to miss Ci 4.0. Apply today at CampInfinity.com/Camps.



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