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A Theology of Technology

Fusing ideas from science and creation apologetics.

On our blog, Dan Wooster and other friends of Camp Infinity connect STEM and a biblical worldview.

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Fact, Fiction, or Future: Deep Impact Technology

Fact, Fiction, or Future: Deep Impact

Introduction Have you ever attended an old fashioned shooting gallery? A staple of old time films and popular novels, this type of entertainment was a popular attraction at most carnivals. At the booth, a rifle is fired to destroy targets at various distances in a variety of shapes. Sometimes the targets move; especially hard to hit, these garner a great deal of satisfaction when successfully taken down. This is all good, clean fun, but did you realize that the earth itself is a target in the middle of a gigantic shooting gallery? Our planet is but one of countless asteroids, ...

Fact, Fiction, or Future: The Ringworld Hypothesis Technology

Fact, Fiction, or Future: The Ringworld Hypothesis

Introduction It has been called the game that sold the Xbox. When it released, Halo: Combat Evolved revolutionized the modern first person shooter genre and set the benchmark for many games that would follow. The titular “halo” of the name comes from a massive space station that is the setting of the game.  It is a megastructure shaped like a giant wedding ring. Halo with its grand scale, earthlike climate, and aura of mystery is one of the most familiar fictional locations of all time. However, is this just fiction? Could we build a halo ring? The Definition of BIG ...

Fact, Fiction, or Future: The Warp Drive

Fact, Fiction, or Future: The Warp Drive

Introduction The story of Star Trek has become a cultural phenomenon in recent decades. Almost everyone who owns or has owned a television has heard of the venerable Starship Enterprise and its five year mission to explore the universe. Throughout the show travel from planet to planet and star to star is presented as a routine and simple endeavor. However, any organization that has seriously investigated long distance space travel knows it is not that easy. Space is just Its distances boggle the human mind and make Captain Kirk wannabes cringe. Thankfully Star Trek had an answer for these ...