Tuition Reduction Program: Scholarship Reports & Essays

  • designed to encourage & reward your student for taking extra steps to prepare for Ci
  • earn up to $75 for an Overnight Youth Camp 
  • a student may submit more than one lesson or book report for up to the maximum
  • student should come to camp prepared to discuss their report or lesson
  • DEADLINE: report must be submitted by May 1 (extensions may be granted for applications that come in later)
  • we offer 2 ways for students to earn scholarships:
  • STEM & Apologetics Book Report
    • Select a book to read from our scholarship list below.
    • Write a 400-500 word report (INCLUDE THE WORD COUNT ON YOUR TITLE PAGE).
    • Submit your report via your Ci Dashboard (click the Scholarship link).
    • DISCOUNT: up to $25 based upon quality & length of book
    • Follow report guidelines:
      • Read a book you have not read before.
      • Make sure your report should be 400-500 words.
      • The quality of the report will determine the amount of the scholarship; here is the rubric we use --
        • Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling
        • Writing Clarity
        • Accurate Summary of Book
        • Application of Book to Student's Life
        • Following Directions (book correctly chosen, proper title page, correct number of words used, submission guidelines, submitted on time, etc).
  • Essay 
    • Select an essay topic from Camp Infinity's approved essay topic list below. 
    • Read widely about the topic, select the best references and then write a careful critical analysis. Your essay should introduce the topic, discuss it, and lead to a logical conclusion. The essay should have a title page, introduction, body with appropriate section headings, conclusion and list of references.
    • You can earn a maximum of $75, 7.5 cents per word for a high quality essay. 

Here is the list of books to choose from for your scholarship report. Note the maximum amount of scholarship for each book is indicated after the title. 


A Young Earth Pocket Guide ($10)

This pocket guide examines the age of the earth from a biblical and scientific perspective. It presents exciting geological information rarely noted in public schools, and will equip you with answers that are solidly based on the authority of Bible.

Apemen Pocket Guide ($10)

Experts in the fields of paleontology, anatomy, genetics, and ancient Bible texts examine both the scientific evidence and the biblical record. They show that humans are not related to apes, but were specially created by God in His image.

Astronomy Pocket Guide ($10)

Discover the strong evidence that points to a young age for the universe, and get a biblical view of astronomy, too. Truly, the infinite size and complexity of the universe proclaims the awesome majesty and power of its designer, God.

Atheism Pocket Guide ($10)

Is anyone truly an atheist? What does the Bible say? How can an average Christian carry on a reasonable conversation about the illogical ideas of atheism, a belief system that more young people are claiming all the time?

Charles Darwin Pocket Guide ($10)

Here are well-researched, down-to-earth answers to questions about Darwin’s life and legacy. How did he come to believe in evolution? Has evolution been proven true? This guide will show you why you can’t just add evolution to the Bible.

Confound the Critics ($25), by Bodie Hodge

Whether you want to witness more effectively, or give someone seeking truth a resource that will help, Confound the Critics is the perfect choice to counter critics and answer questions about biblical truths.

Creation Evangelism for the New Millenium ($25), by Ken Ham

All over the world there are similar findings of ancient religions, cities and towers, world travel, advanced astronomy, and civilized government. Over the course of two years, a team of researchers from Jackson Hole Bible College has worked to bring together the different pieces of the convoluted mystery and history of ancient man.

Defeating Darwinism by Opening Minds ($25), by Phillip Johnson

As this book's title indicates, understanding evolution is mainly a matter of opening minds, of freeing people to think about it as they would other important subjects. All it really takes is precise definitions and good thinking habits. The skills you'll develop in learning to understanding evolution will come in handy for a lot of other things too. Actually, you'll find out that they are the same skills that scientists like Carl Sagan have advocated all along. It's just that we are going to apply those skills to evolution, a subject that has for too long been protected from critical thinking by law and academic custom. -- the author

Demolishing Supposed Bible Contradictions Volume 1 ($25), by Contributor Steve Fazekas, Bodie Hodge, Dr. Jason Lisle, Stacia McKeever, Roger Patterson, Dr. Georgia Purdom, Paul F. Taylor, John UpChurch, and Gary Vaterlaus; Edited by Ken Ham

Do you have concerns about Bible passages that have bothered you for years?

This book is based on many of the most-asked questions about supposed Bible contradictions and errors. Most of the topics are drawn from questions submitted via our extremely popular website.

Demolishing Supposed Bible Contradictions is an exciting, lay-friendly resource designed to give quick yet thorough answers to questions about more than 40 of the most common supposed mistakes in the Bible. Edited by Ken Ham and co-written by ten leading apologetics speakers and authors, a few of the dozens of supposed contradictions include:

  • In the Old Testament, God wipes out entire cities and unleashes great suffering. Yet the Bible teaches that God is all-loving.
  • God warned Adam not to eat the forbidden fruit or he would die. But when Adam disobeyed and ate, he lived a full life.
  • Scripture claims that pi equals 3. Any high-school math student knows that’s not true.
  • A prostitute is praised for lying in James 2, yet the Ten Commandments forbid it.

Excellent for both adults and teens.

Demolishing Supposed Bible Contradictions Volume 2 ($25), by Edited by Tim Chaffey, Ken Ham, and Bodie Hodge

Behind every supposed biblical error there is a powerful truth waiting to be found!

Can God be tempted? Why don't Christians follow all the Old Testament laws? Is marriage good or bad? All these and more are questions that appear to point out a problem in the Biblical text. Too often people focus on what seems to be contradictions or errors in the Bible, using them to create doubt in the minds of believers or act as stumbling blocks in trying to present the Gospel.

It is important to resolve these issues to reassure people that the Bible is inerrant. Discover over 40 powerful explanations proving the Bible is still accurate and without error for questions such as:

  • What is God's name in the Old Testament?
  • Is the earth immovably set on pillars or hanging on nothing?
  • Is all Scripture inspired by God, or is some of it the opinion of the writers of Scripture?
  • After His resurrection, did Jesus first appear to the eleven disciples on a mountain in Galilee or in Jerusalem behind closed doors?

Explosive and insightful Biblical evidence disproves the toughest of critics while bringing to light the indestructible power of God's Word. Demolishing Supposed Bible Contradictions Volume 2 accepts the critics' challenge, taking on some of the most difficult issues, helping to strengthen the faith of those who love God. Too often the Bible is dismissed by people who have heard it is simply filled with myths and mistakes, and many have abandoned the faith, not understanding there wasn't an error at all.

Excellent for both adults and teens.

Dinosaurs Pocket Guide ($10)

Museums, media, and schools all proclaim that dinosaurs died millions of years ago. They also teach that the birds in your backyard are actually descendants of dinosaurs. But what is the truth? Only when we start with the Bible can we understand the true history of dinosaurs.

Discerning Truth-Exposing Errors in Evolutionary Arguments ($25), by Jason Lisle

Here at last is a clear and concise guide for every believer in defending your faith in the face of adversity.

Whether in the classroom, the workplace, or the neighborhood, evolutionists agressively criticize Christians for their belief in God and His glorious creation. Are you ready? What will you say when your faith is challenged by those claiming to speak in the name of science or reason? Discerning Truth is a new, practical and extremely engaging book on the use of logic in the quest for truth regarding man's origin.

  • Filled with anecdotes from real-life examples that help clarify logical issues in apologetics.
  • Equips you to become skilled at distinguishing sound arguments from emotionally-charged rhetoric.
  • Helps any believer refute evolutionary perspectives, and to help others to do so as well!

Discovery of Design ($25), by Don DeYoung

From the frontiers of scientific discovery, researchers are now taking design elements from the natural world and creating extraordinary breakthroughs that benefit our health, our quality of life, our ability to communicate, and even help us work more efficiently. Take a fantastic journey into the intersection of science and God’s blueprints for life—discovering answers to some of the most intricate challenges we face. Experience this powerful apologetics message in a multi-purpose resource as a personal enrichment tool or as an educational supplement.

From the Garden to the City: The Redeeming and Corrupting Power of Technology ($25), by John Dyer

Believers and unbelievers alike are saturated with technology, yet most give it little if any thought. Consumers buy and upgrade as fast as they can, largely unaware of technology s subtle yet powerful influence. In a world where technology changes almost daily, many are left to wonder: Should Christians embrace all that is happening? Are there some technologies that we need to avoid? Does the Bible give us any guidance on how to use digital tools and social media?

Galapagos Islands ($25), by Georgia Purdom

Explore the wonder of God in this full-color book filled with vibrant images of the glorious Galápagos Islands, which Darwin visited, and completely misinterpreted! View this Pacific paradise with creation scientist Dr. Georgia Purdom and read the articles of nearly 30 other researchers to discover powerful insights from biology, geology, and other disciplines that give God the glory due His name. Your faith will be strengthened by this book's unique emphasis on God's handiwork, majesty, and mercy - rather than the legacy of Darwin!

Genius of Ancient Man ($25), by Don Landis

This revolutionary book has already opened the eyes of thousands of Christians showing why the traditional methods of evangelism are not reaching today’s humanistic, evolutionized culture.

Hallmarks of Design: Evidence of Design in the Natural World ($25), by Stuart Burgess

The Design argument contends that design in nature reveals a Designer. This book presents this in the light of the latest discoveries about the complexity and beauty of the natural world.

Human Body Pocket Guide ($10)

How does the human body react to emergencies? How is the brain better than any supercomputer? These and other questions are answered in this Pocket Guide to the Human Body.

In God We Trust ($25), by Steve Ham

If challenged by a skeptic, would you be able to give a satisfying answer? We must grasp actual reasons that matter in our lives. It’s not just about defending the faith, or even simply about winning the lost. It is about an intimately personal worship of a God we can truly call Father.

Steve Ham gets to the heart of why biblical authority matters, how it is displayed in God’s character, and how that authority must impact our daily Christian lives. True commitment to the Creator’s loving authority inevitably impacts us to the core, and helps us in such diverse areas as; family, worship, the way we view and interact at church, and even how we share the Good News of Christ's redeeming love with others!

It Couldn't Just Happen: Knowing the Truth About God's Awesome Creation ($25), by Lawrence Richards

Kids are daily exposed to the theory of evolution by the media and public schools. It’s not safe to assume that your kids will reject that theory. It’s up to us as parents and Christian leaders to make sure our children know the truth about the creation of the world. With thousands of evidences to prove He created and sustains the universe, It Couldn’t Just Happen will fascinate kids with fun activities and examples of God’s marvelous works.

Logic & Faith Pocket Guide ($10)

Have you ever heard an argument that just didn't seem right to you? Do you want to be equipped to defend your faith logically? In this Pocket Guide to Logic & Faith, Dr. Jason Lisle exposes logical fallacies that evolutionists often use to argue their case.

Noah's Ark Pocket Guide ($10)

Can we believe the Bible’s account of Noah’s Ark? How could it hold all those animals? How could Noah care for all of them? Answer these and more with this biblical and scientific look at the Genesis account of Noah and his obedience.

Old Earth Creationism on Trial-The Verdict Is In ($25), by Tim Chaffey & Jason Lisle

Many churches have abandoned the Genesis account, that God created in six (real!) days. In a vital discussion focused within the church, authors Tim Chaffey and Jason Lisle explore the foundational issues around the debate on the age of the earth. While much of the controversy focuses on the scientific evidences and beliefs regarding evolution, the authors reveal the debate has a much more compelling and simple core truth—scriptural authority.

In the book you will discover:

  • How the Bible is used by both young-earth and old-earth creationists to support their position
  • How exegesis vs. eisegesis views of the Bible impact your faith
  • The church’s changing interpretation of Scripture
  • Why this is a critical issue to the church, its survival, and its relevance in today’s world

Taking Back Astonomy ($25), by Jason Lisle

Stunning photographs. Cutting-edge information. Awe-inspiring facts. As a speaker, Jason Lisle is one of the creation movement’s most popular. As an author, this book reveals that he’s also one of its most articulate! With his Ph.D. in astrophysics earned from the University of Colorado, Dr. Lisle communicates the truths of creation and the fallacies of evolution with authority and enthusiasm. In this richly illustrated book, Lisle debunks the most widely accepted teachings about the idea of evolution. Readers are given solid answers to many questions, including the speed of light, the big bang, extraterrestrials, the reliability of the Bible regarding astronomy, and more. Keep this one out in plain view, because it’s a great discussion-starter!

Thanksgiving Technology Essay ($50), by Ci Camper

Our Thanksgiving Scholarship Program—which closes Thanksgiving Day—allows campers to submit an essay on how living in the 21st century gives us an amazing opportunity to benefit from the technologies man has developed. 

Examples of essay topics include:

  • “How does technology glorify God?”
  • “Can technology be found in the Bible?”
  • “How can smartphones contribute to a person’s Christian faith?”
  • “How has technology helped us fulfill the dominion mandate?”

Get creative! Maybe ask a grandparent or an elderly person at church or in your neighborhood what their favorite technology is or how technology has changed since they were your age. Or perhaps write about common technologies that we depend on every day but rarely notice or appreciate. Or describe your favorite technology or what tech has impacted you the most. Write about whatever inspires you about technology and thankfulness.

The Fall of Satan ($25), by Bodie Hodge

You'll discover the answers to 35 captivating questions, such as: Who is Satan? Why would God, who is not evil, allow evil to continue to exist? Shouldn’t Eve have been shocked that a serpent spoke? Did the serpent originally have legs? When did Satan rebel?

The Fossil Record ($25), by John Morris

Evolutionists rely on the fossil record for support of their theory, but what does that record really reveal? ICR geologist Dr. John Morris and zoologist Frank Sherwin unearth the evidence of earth's history and conclude that the fossil record is incompatible with evolution, but remarkably consistent with the biblical account of creation and the great Flood of Noah's day.

The Lie: Evolution/Millions of Years with Study Guide ($25), by Ken Ham

Ken Ham once again takes the lead in pointing out the looming precipice that thousands of church leaders are rushing toward; a denial of the full authority and accuracy of the Bible from its very first verse. Originally published in 1987, The Lie took a bold stand which became prophetic. Ken warned the church about the destructive effects of compromise with evolutionary/millions-of-years ideas. He warned that compromise in Genesis would undermine Scriptural authority in the culture and erode confidence in the infallibility of God’s Word. Today, Christians increasingly doubt the Bible’s reliability. So then do those who are considering placing their faith in Jesus, the Creator.

The Minds of Men ($25), by Ian Taylor

In the Minds of Men by Ian Taylor 6th Edition Revised and Expanded. Creation Moments is pleased to bring you what has been hailed as the classic work on the creation-evolution issue! Written by our very own Ian Taylor, the voice of Creation Moments, the new sixth edition of In the Minds of Men covers such diverse fields as history, geology, medicine and physics … yet the author has been careful to provide clear but entertaining reading, full of human interest and packed with valuable insights. With its extensive footnotes, more than 180 illustrations, full index and complete bibliography, the book is one you'll turn to again and again in the coming years.


* read at least pages 1-132—through the supposed death-bed conversion of Darwin, that is according the pagination in the 6th edition, 2008

The New Astronomy Book ($25), by Danny Faulkner

Beautiful and breathtaking in its scale, the vast expanse of the universe is one that we struggle to study, understand, or even comprehend in terms of its purpose and size. Now take an incredible look at the mysteries and marvels of space in The New Astronomy Book!

The Ultimate Proof of Creation ($25), by Jason Lisle

There is a defense for creation that is powerful, conclusive, and has no true rebuttal. As such, it is an irrefutable argument—an “ultimate proof” of the Christian worldview. Master the extremely logical method outlined in this book and you will be able to defend Christianity against all opposition.

Tower of Babel ($25), by Bodie Hodge

Discover the truth of the people groups and the civilizations that spread across the earth. All trace their roots back to Babel as well as to the sons and grandsons of Noah.

Universe by Design ($25), by Danny Faulkner

The universe was created with purpose and reason, and modern science with all of its experiments, exploration, and sophistication has never proven otherwise. In fact, as author Dr. Danny Faulkner makes plain, advanced science argues more for a created cosmology than a big bang. Written for the upper-level student through the well-read layman, Universe by Design explores the universe, explaining its origins and discussing the historical development of cosmology from a creationist viewpoint.

Untold Secrets of Planet Earth: Dire Dragons ($25), by Vance Nelson

Vance Nelson's presentation will astound you! By revealing tangible evidence from around the world, Nelson provides revolutionary and profound documentation that there is a real, powerful, and defensible connection between the dragons of ancient times and the dinosaurs we know so well from fossils. If you want to see evidence, this book is for you!

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